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Junior Leaders

Junior Leaders

The Junior Leader Program is for teens ages 12-14 who wish to gain valuable work experience through volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club. Young teens receive job skills training and attend workshops while participating in supervised volunteer activities. 

Requirements to be a Junior Leader:

  • Must be 12 to 14 years old
  • Commit to volunteering a minimum of 5 hours per week
  • Attend all meetings and trainings as scheduled
  • Maintain a positive attitude on and off duty

Why Should I Become a Junior Leader?

  • Junior Leader Field Trips
  • Learn peer mediation skills and how to be a great volunteer
  • Receive a Volunteer Certificate upon request
  • No weekly fees with minimum 5 hours completed per week
  • Meet new people and have fun

How Do I Become a Junior Leader?

  • Submit a Junior Leader Application
  • Participate in an interview with our Junior Leader Advisor
  • Once accepted, register for free teen membership at the Club
  • Register for the Junior Leader Program

Junior Leader Flyers & Forms