How To Help

Annual & Planned Giving

Annual Giving

Thank you for investing in a child’s future. Supporting the Boys & Girls Club of Moorpark & Simi Valley is more than charity. It's an investment in our community's most precious natural resource. Your gift today will help us provide the life-changing programs and guidance that make our Club successful. Together, we can reach the next generation of youth who will transform themselves, their communities, and America for the better.

The Boys & Girls Club of Moorpark & Simi Valley is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible. Our Tax ID is 77-0112701.

Planned Giving

Reduce your taxes while helping your favorite charity! Like other institutions that depend on charitable donations, we at the Boys & Girls Club of Moorpark & Simi Valley are aware that many potential donors face a practical dilemma. On one hand, they want to provide us with significant financial support. On the other, they cannot afford to give up income producing assets.

Charitable remainder trusts offer an attractive solution. You can use this type of trust to make a deferred charitable gift, reserving lifetime income payments for yourself or a family member. Because the trust qualifies for significant trax benefits, your spendable, after-tax income may actually increase. Your tax advantages include:

  • An income tax deduction now, when you set up the trust and reserve lifetime payments.
  • Freedom from capital gains tax. If you fund your trust with appreciated assets, generally no capital gains tax will be incurred as the trustee later makes investment changes designed to provide diversification or added income.
  • Reduced federal estate tax at  your death, even though the trust will yield a life income for your spouse or another individual before passing to charity.

Thoughtful philanthropy involves more than tax planning. Ideally, substantial charitable gifts should be shaped with consideration to your age, family circumstances, and total financial resources. We have a wide background of practical experience in helping to share and evaluate deferred gift plans. For more information about a planned giving program that's right for you, please contact us at (805) 527-4437.